Warrior Comics FAQ

Warrior Comics is a decentralized platform for the Comic and Animation lovers. With WC artists can freely upload creations (Animation, 2D, 3D digital art) to showcase their talent and consumers will watch and follow their favorite segments. Not just the creator and viewer but this portal will also benefit the advertisers in future.

With a simple SignUp process creator will be able to maintain their profiles, upload their artwork to the portal with capability to keep it free or sell it as paid content (will have to follow the guidelines T&C). Based on the popularity the selected artist will get the royalty for their work in WRT (Internal Digital Tokens). They can sell their art to the entertainment industry professionals or to the interested people. Artists can also participate in the contests and win rewards.

The interested people or the film-makers can lease out the characters from the portal and use in their projects. The characters that will have a prebuilt fanbase among animation lovers. That will have to follow the guidelines to purchase characters for their project.

As we all know the fact that animation world is full of piracy. People don’t bother about the copyright infringement. Stealing of animations and other digital art is very common. So, to put the piracy to an end, we really need a decentralized platform like Warrior Comics.

The whole platform is based on the blockchain technology, which makes it more secure and transparent with timestamp feature of blcockchian. All the characters and animations will be launched under the banner WC Originals or user generated content, For the paid content viewer will have to pay a certain amount in order to use the art uploaded by the creators. And user creation will be timestamped with blockchain technology (no one can manipulate). This will, ultimately, reduce piracy.

WC platform will act like a comic art studio and animation tube for the artists. They can create their own channel and upload their creations. It will be the first ever blockchain based Animation & Comic industry tube for artists.

We are working to bring the AI enabled characters to the light. These 2D, 3D AI enabled characters will work on the human voice commands. To provide ease for the animation creators our team is constantly working on new scopes within AI and Animation.